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Laura Casto, QHHT

I honor Mother Earth. I love nature and believe we are all connected. We are one. I believe in angels. I count my blessings. I love my family, friends, and nature. I choose love, equal rights, and peace. Imagine, by John Lennon is my favorite song. Practice Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique by Dolores Cannon. Looking forward to the SHIFT!!! ~~ NAMASTE~~ READY FOR THE NEW EARTH.♥♥


In 2012 I also had my own profound QHHT healing session with Dolores Cannon herself.  My session changed my life on so many levels and I made a promise to myself and Dolores to become a practitioner of this amazing technique.


You can read my testimony HERE.


​​I completely understand that there are periods in our lives when we find it difficult to give ourselves permission to feel happiness  but we have all had moments when we felt pure joy - even if only fleetingly.  ​​​​​Maybe it was when you hit "Send" on the email message you composed and sent me or another practitioner, or when you picked up the phone to call one of us.  Why would this be one of those moments?


 Because you did it - you took control of your life and did something for you.





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