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How long is a QHHT session?


 Your session may last somewhere between 4 to 6 hours.  Be sure to keep that in mind when booking an appointment!  If you and a loved one would like to conduct your sessions on the same day because you are coming in from out-of-town, that is not a problem for me; simply let me know ahead of time that this is your intention.



Will I be able to drive after my QHHT session?


 As a Dedicated QHHT practitioner, your comfort is extremely important to me!  The majority of my clients just feel great after a session - they are energized and some remark that their heads feel clearer for the first time in years!  There are however some people who go so deeply into trance that they need a bit more time to feel oriented but by the time we discuss what happened in the session, they are usually feeling grounded and centered again.  There are some exceptions, however.  If you had never experienced high frequencies in your body before, for example, you may feel very out-of-balance; if that happens, I can help you in another way before you leave.


​It is very important that you eat before you arrive and bring a snack for after your session as well.  By the time we finish our interview (of each other, really!) you will be comfortable and ready for your session.  An after-session snack will bring you back into this time and space faster than anything else!  You will quickly remember that you have a body that requires attention and reorient yourself to the present time.




Be sure to wear comfortable clothes!  If you had turkey supper the night before, wear your stretchy pants!    :  )




How many questions may I ask during my session?


 You may ask as many questions as you want during your session but I do not guarantee that we will get through them all so this is how I ask that you proceed:


​1.  Write down (or type out) all your questions as they occur to you - you don't want to forget any of them!


​2.  A few days before your scheduled appointment, type them all up into one document.


​3. Now prioritize them.  Decide which is THE most important question and work your way down from there.  I want you to pick out your "top ten" questions and put them in order of their importance to you.  Then keep adding other questions after that.


I do my very best to get through your entire list of questions but that depends entirely on you!  For example, perhaps your Subconscious will teach you how to access information that interests you instead of just giving you the answers!  If your Subconscious states that you know the answers to all these questions and "they" want you to pay attention and listen, they may not answer a single one!  Don't worry this is rare!


​If I sense that you are becoming physically drained, I will ask your Subconscious if I may go on to your list of questions, or continue asking more questions (whatever the case may be).  If your Subconscious sets a limit on the number of questions, I will start at the very top of your list and ask whatever number of questions they have said they will allow.  (Which is why it is so important that YOU decide which ones are the MOST important questions.)  Your Subconscious may put a time limit on the remainder of your session.  It/they may say, "He/She will be fine for ten more minutes but no more."  then I will proceed for ten more minutes as directed, and bring you out.


​As you can see there are a number of reasons why we may not get through the entire list, but I do try!  I never know how a person's session will proceed because everyone is an individual with different levels of experience, understanding and needs.



Is my session recorded?  How will I get a copy?



Yes!  Your session is digitally recorded so you may listen to it as often as you'd like!  In fact, Dolores wants every single client that has a QHHT session to listen to the recording at least three times in the three days after their session.





Can my spouse or friend sit in on my session?


 Dolores Cannon's simple answer to that question is NO!  Your QHHT session is extremely private and she completely discourages allowing anyone else to be present.  It may affect how deep you go into the process and ultimately affect the success of your session.


​I will take this one step further and also state that your session is so private that you should never feel pressured by anybody that they be allowed to listen to the recording.  This is one situation where you must assert yourself and simply make it clear that your session is yours and yours only and that you are asking the other party(ies) to honor your request for privacy. Perhaps at some point you will be willing to allow others to listen to it, but not right now.


​ If you are willing and eager to share your session after, well now that is an entirely different matter altogether!





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